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amy_paul's Journal

14 April 1975
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I am a Cardiac ICU RN working on night shift. No one ever wants to visit me at work. You don't either. The ICU is not a fun place.

I am also a writer of fantasy and science fiction. Some day I might even get published. Until then I'll continue to read SF&F avidly. In fact, I'll probably continue reading even if I do get published.

I am interested in various subjects such as hard science, philosophy, cosmology, ancient history, ancient warfare, and the immediate post-operative care of the coronary bypass patient.

I am not, repeat NOT interested in politics. I plan to write in Mickey Mouse as my vote for President. I know, it's a waste of a vote, but then, so are ALL the candidates actually running.

In another world, ie, at home, I am the wife of a rambunctious husband and the mother of two rambunctious boys.